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Yu hui yeol s sketchbook episode 508 this week the show has invited artists that have a new mindset to listen to their songs. Superm is currently promoting more recent singles 100 which was released on august 13th and tiger inside which was released on august 31st.


Superm appeared as guest performers on the september 11 episode of kbs s yoo hee yeol s sketchbook as the leader baekhyun introduced the group by saying we re seven members from.


Superm yoo hee yeol. During the interview with yoo hee yeol kai expressed his passion for dancing and performing which he hasn t been able to do since his recent ankle injury. Superm hadir sebagai bintang tamu pada episode 11 september dari kbs yoo hee yeol s sketchbook. Saat unit bentukan sm entertainment itu membawakan lagu 100 mereka kai hanya bernyanyi sambil duduk tak ikut menari bersama teman temannya.

Pada program musik yoo hee yeol yang disiarkan pada 11 september kemarin superm diundang sebagai bintang tamu dimana mereka membawakan beberapa lagu mereka seperti 100 tiger inside dan dangerous woman. Mereka adalah gabungan dari berbagai grup yang ada di sm. Sebagai leader baekhyun memperkenalkan grup dengan mengatakan kami tujuh anggota dari shinee exo dan nct yang pertama kali debut di luar negeri.

Hal ini baru diketahui saat kai tampil sebagai bintang tamu di acara yoo hee yeol s sketchbook bersama superm. However superm performed their choreography centric numbers 100 and tiger inside as 6 members due to member kai s injury. Later during superm s talk segment mc yoo hee yeol asked kai how.

Super m merupakan grup yang memiliki enam anggota. Kai mengungkapkan kekecewaannya karena hanya dapat menyaksikan rekannya superm tampil di yoo hee yeol s sketchbook. On september 11 superm appeared on kbs 2tv s yoo hee yeol s sketchbook to update their fans on what they have been up to in the past few months.

Superm s kai revealed why he got hurt and shared his feelings about not being able to dance with his bandmates on the show yoo hee yeol s sketchbook. Korea s legendary rock band boohwal has changed to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its debut.

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